20 May 2014

Have you been in to the Milkbar lately? 

We are a one stop shop. You can come in and grab a coffee and some lunch, browse our retail space where you can pick up a gift or something for yourself. You can even buy some eggs, milk, and coffee beans to take home with you to keep you going until your next visit.

So what are you waiting for?

10 Apr 2014

Easter Trading Hours 
Closed 18th April

Re-open 5th May

Have a nice Easter, rest, eat chocolate (not to much) and go on new adventures.

We look forward to seeing you when you return on the 5th May.


14 Mar 2014

Wow we have almost been here for 2 months now, how time flies. We have learnt so much in this short amount of time and I'm sure we will continue to learn. Thank you everyone for coming and hanging out with us in our little cafe.

It has been great to learn about our suppliers and where everything comes from. I love going to the Harvest Market every Saturday to pick up fresh and local ingredients for your all the enjoy.

We have started up some workshops again to make sure you pop over and check out the time table to see what the next class will be. http://themilkbarcafeworkshop.blogspot.com.au/p/workshops-schedule.html
We had a Screen Printing Workshop on the 10th of March which was so much fun. Check out the awesome talent these kids have.

Coming up in a Knitting workshop, make sure you book in we would love to see you there.

1 Feb 2014

Hello & Thank you

Hi everyone,
Thank you for an awesome couple of weeks.
We have had a great time getting to meet you all and settling into the Milkbar.

We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Rob & Bek

16 Dec 2013

Milkbar Summer Trading

Mon, Dec 23rd:    8am - 4:30pm
Tue, Dec 24th:        8am - 2:30pm
Dec 25th - Jan 12th:       CLOSED
Mon, Jan 13th onward:     Open as usual

25 Mar 2012

6 reasons why we love Elgaar

1. Their milk tastes great. We know because our customers tell us they can taste the difference in their coffees and milkshakes. They also recently won Champion Milk at the Sydney Cheese & Dairy Show - that's right, their milk is the best in Australia!

2. They care for their cows. "Every one of our valued cows is given a name and this is very much a reflection of the way we care for them. Our herd grazes in rich pastures surrounded by trees, providing both shade from the sun and shelter from the weather. They are treated with respect and dignity."

3. They know what they are doing. Elgaar is owned and operated by the Gretschmann family, who have been dairy farmers since the 1400s (First in Bavaria, now in Tasmania).

4. We can return their bottles and pails to be reused again and again.

5. They are local, situated just 30mins away in Deloraine.

6. They are just too nice and would do anything for their customers. Heck they even let us use their crates in our window display!

Milkbar is proud to use Elgaar Farm milk and dairy products. We also sell retail sized bottles of their milk and yoghurt in store.


14 Jan 2012

on the history of our street

I have kept a couple of blog posts that the first owner of The Milkbar Cafe wrote. I particularly like this one about the history of the milkbar building and St John street. Its a great read.

As you know from our first post, we're pretty excited to have found a site for our cafe on an interesting strip of St John Street. Isis is into her history, so she's been doing a little research on our building and street to found our more about this dynamic part of Lauceston, the third oldest city in Australia.

"Launceston is noted as having one of the most intact early cityscapes in Australia. Its early Colonial and Victorian buildings give the city a wonderful historic character. The city has buildings which date back to 1824.' - www.launceston.tas.gov.au

Milkbar will be situated in the left hand side of this red coloured building.

139 St John Street, crowned with a mortar and pestle, was the site of the first Launceston Dispensary of the Friendly Society Pharmacy. As the premises proved too small, the Pharmacy relocated down the street in November 1890, only to purchase the property in 1920. Hinman, Wright and Manser remodelled and enlarged the 139 St John Street building to create more room for the dispensary, and was re-opened on the 28th of Sept, 1921. Hence the current facade displays the year 1921.

It is know that in 1907, during the time the dispensary was occupying a different building, 139 St John Street was occupied by George Arnold & Co, who were listed as one of the first motor vehicle manufacturers in Launceston..

This is a photo montage I made with a wartime image of St John Street and a current image of the street. The old photo was taken of a WWI march some time between 1914 and 1919. The photographer was standing at the St John & Elizabeth street intersection, facing in a northerly direction. On the far left is the synagogue. The second building on the right is our red building, and in the far distance you can see the clock tower (the tallest building on the right hand side of the road).

The synagogue, situated diagonally across the road was built in 1844, and is exemplary of the Egyptian revival period of the time. At the intersection (of St John and Elizabeth) just south of Milkbar is the magnificent Princes Square; the perfect place to take a stroll or enjoy a picnic. And it looks beautiful at any time of the year. The park has a strong history of it's own; with it being the site of an early hot air balloon attempt, and also the site where two bushrangers were hanged. The decorative fountain in the centre was purchased from the Paris Exhibition in 1858, but, due to public disapproval, the half-naked nymph was replaced by a pineapple!

More information about Launceston's history in general can be found via the Launceston Historical Society.